Sonny & Jed

Hi everyone, I’m just wondering if there are any good releases of Corbucci’s Sonny and Jed out on the market.

There is this release but Spanish audio only:

There is no decent 2.35 official DVD of this at present which has English audio, but there is a nice DVD R of this one floating around sourced from a Japanese Laser Disc which is in 2.35 widescreen and has English audio.

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I know there is a US VHS release. Welcome to the board! :wink:

I have it on Dutch VHS, a Sunrise Tapes release. Widescreen and English audio, Dutch subs of course, great quality.

I’m hoping for Koch to release this. Fill the corbucci gaps…

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[quote=“ENNIOO, post:2, topic:1413”]There is this release but Spanish audio only:[/quote]

I found this one in a Badajoz’s corner store. But you can order from

I certainly hope so

Remastered NTSC Anamorphic 16x9 Version is for sale here

(Screenshots are on the page too so you can compare it to the Letterbox bootleg that’s been floating around for awhile)

The only thing with the DVD is the site has it’s name watermarked in during the intro credits and during the ending credits, other than that, it’s pure perfection!!

Is the cultcine versioin just the movie? How is the packaging? Just wondering for since it is $15 for a dvd-r.

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Watched this online, and it had english audio, but was their ever a dvd release with english audio. I haven’t been able to find one.

Not much

Koch Media please take over :wink:

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Yes very surprised a decent official english audio is not available.

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Yes, this film has a great score too.

Given the two leads, the English dub must have been really good too! The old Japanese laser disc apparently had English so maybe our best hope is someone in Japan re-releasing it.

Yes still have a transfer from the laserdisc, but have a better print from a fan made dvd as I remember.