Son of Zorro / Il figlio di Zorro (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1973)

After seeing the trailer to this film I must say it seems great :D. Cine City has a DVDr but they write ‘quality is not great’ so I’d rather wait for a decent copy.

Wow that trailer does look great! I didn’t know about this one, except for the fact that Baldanello made a Zorro movie. The last part reminded me a bit of movies like They Call Me Haleluja and They Call Him Holy Ghost.

There’s a video with some clips from this film at You Tube, too.

The entire thing is up on Youtube in a widescreen Italian TV print

The Database link:,_Il

Unfortunately it’s not complete, there are approximately twenty more minutes!,_Il

Marina Malfatti once again?

Cut by twenty minutes! Still, I wonder where the widescreen TV print came from. Is there a DVD release somewhere?

Even though slightly shorter than the 90 minutes original (rated ALL, no cuts), here is a better version in which the final part is not truncated:

@JonathanCorbett, what role is Roberto Danesi? Isn’t this Lord from Six Bounty Killers?

Did you see Franco Ukmar or Renzo Pevarello? That YouTube version is mighty low resolution and my FS English version is even worse :roll_eyes:

Not to be confused with the guy in the 2nd screenshot wearing a different neckband


It looks like him :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t remember, in all probability not but prudently I didn’t cross them off the list.

I must admit that I have my doubts about Zuanelli playing Sergeant Marat (just like Malfatti, the name comes from Anica).

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