Son of a Gunfighter / Hijo del pistolero (Paul Landres, 1965)

I saw this film yesterday on TCM it was nothing to write home about though. There is not much SW style over this film its just another ‘american style western’ made in spain. The film is only worth a watch if it can be seen on tv for free, else save your money for better films.



SON OF A GUNFIGHTER 1965 Russ Tamblyn Kieron Moore

A very well made, exciting, American made SW style revenge western has Russ Tamblyn
in good form as the leading man.

Shown on Uk TCM it was very well made and if a DVD is issued BUY IT !! :o :slight_smile:

Russ Tamblyn is consistent with his quest for revenge in this one, but has a baby looking face. Just does not look tough enough for the type of character he is playing. Fernando Rey on the other hand just comes across natural as a wealthy landowner Tamblyn helps out.

U.S western in style, but with a nice slice of mexican flavour running through it. Not very exciting on the whole, but entertaining enough euro western. Aldo Sambrell also stars which was nice.

But like the above poster says if a dvd gets issued you must buy it :smiley: :wink:

Didn’t Russ Tamblyn appear in Twin Peaks?

Ah yes he did…forgot about that.