Some Movies for Trade

Here is a sample of some movies I have for trade.
I don’t know who they were released by, but I can look it up if you are interested.
I am kind of a novice when it comes to versions, I just collected them over the years because I enjoyed them.
I have some more movies and can send you the full list if interested.
The quality varies from high to low depending on how hard to find they are.

Arizona Colt (1966)
Navajo Joe (1966)
Django 2 - Django Strikes Again ( - il grande ritorno) (1987)
Red Sun (Soleil rouge)
Kid Vengeance (1977)
Spaghetti West (2005)
Noose for Django (Una lunga fila di croci) (1969)
El topo (1970)
God Forgives I Don’t (Dio perdona… Io no!) (1967)
Man Called Django (W Django!) (1971)
Johnny Hamlet (Quella sporca storia nel west) (1968)
Dead Men Don’t Count
Viva Django (W Django!) (1971)
Django The Bastard (Django il bastardo) (1969)
Bad Mans River
Bounty Killer
Gods Gun (Diamante Lobo) (1976)
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (1968)
Cemetary Without Crosses (Une corde, un Colt) (1969)
Dollar for the Dead (1998)
Strangers Gundown
Django (1966)
Gun Shy Piluk (Giurò… e li uccise ad uno ad uno) (1968)
What Am I Doing In The Middle of The Revolution (Che c’entriamo noi con la rivoluzione) (1972)
Man Pride and Vengeance
Gentlemen Killer (Gentleman Jo… uccidi) (1967)
Silent Stranger (Lo straniero di silenzio) (1968)
Ruthless Four (Ognuno per sé) (1968)
Price of Power (Il prezzo del potere) (1969)
Light the Fuse Sartana is Coming (Una nuvola di polvere… un grido di morte… arriva Sartana) (1971)
Deaf Smith and Johnny Ears (Los amigos) (1972)
White Fang (Zanna Bianca) (1973)