So... did any of you make this? Your cousins/neighbors/acquaintances perhaps?

It’s, ahem, no comment.

LOL read the comments that people made below. Some of them are hilarious.

The comments people have made… Oh dear, have we degraded this far?

Yes and we’re all going to hell LOL.

John… you mean you would have praised it? :wink:

We will all become the Devil’s servants!

I managed to view about ten seconds of it. If I want to go to Heaven, I will not comment on it.

So who made this?! COME OUT RIGHT NOW! Or I’ll tell your parents. >:( ;D 8) :o seizure

Oh… don’t take the blame, scherp… I know you’re just protecting your cousin. But this isn’t about honor now… just bring them out now, so there’s at least a chance for parole.

All will be well.

(Will it)? 8)

On second thought, talking to their parents probably won’t help. Maybe I’ll talk to whoever approves their student loans. Yes, that’s it evil

Comments like:

get a real gun and kill yourself

you prick go hang ur self u suck at making movies


You rock. Sorry I only gave you one star.

I’m drunk you see. Meant to give you five stars.

Forgive me[/b]

these really make you see that humanity is full of nice, caring people.

What’s with people these days? Why do people have to be such morons?

Some are born morons and others may be jealous of these born morons and start to become morons :smiley: .

The twisted logic behind this may unfortunetly be true.

Makes sense ;).

I rather be a mormon than a moron.

That, in a nutshell is why I come here and don’t really frequent any other forums!

Yes !

What’s the differance between a momon (EDIT: Mormon) or a moron? :smiley:

Momon… never heard of one.

But Mormons… man, do they know how to make money! Now these are the people I’m jealous of!

Just watched the whole thing. Pretty funny actually, especially if you understand Dutch. Pancho Escort Bar, haha.