Slow Paced spaghetti westerns

(korano) #1

After seeing magnificent films such as GBU, OUATITW, DYS, and Shoot the Living and Pray for the Dead, you might think that that was really different. All those films have slow paces and still manage to be good. Although somemight not like the last one. Afterseeing those movies, Ihave developed a fascination for slow paced spaghettis. They all have art like feels and are very well made. What are some more spaghettis with slow paces? What doyou guys think of them?


Massacre Time was a very slow paced one imo. Even the horses seemed to run slower than usual! I think the movie is ruined by that slow pace of the first half.

There are other times when slow pace doesn’t affect the movie making it become dull. Again, my example will be A Stranger in town. Slow paced, but it didn’t tire me a bit

(chuck connors brother) #3

I don’t even notice the slow pace if they’re well directed like the ones you listed. There are so many, I really like God… Forgives I Don’t and Four of the Apocalypse for their slow pacing.

(Mrs Angel Eyes) #4

It’s actually the slower-paced films that are the better ones - they really engage your attention and cause you to empathize with the characters. When you’re that immersed in their psyches, you don’t keep track of time.

(korano) #5

Those are my thouyghts exactly mrs.

(korano) #6

Does anybody have anything tosay about the slow pace in time and place for killing? Would be curious as to if the pace in that fim works for it.

(korano) #7

One spaghetti that comes to mind is Matalo! When you think about it, it is rather slow paced. But you wouldn’t notice because all the strange happenings and effects turn your attention away from the pace.