Six Bounty Killers for a Massacre / Sei bounty killers per una strage (Franco Lattanzi, 1973)

No thread for this one up till now and probably for good reason. It’s obvious micro budget is the least of its problems as the story line is inconsistent, the characters ill defined and the direction patchy at best. Robert Woods is the nominal star but is on screen less than a Kinski drive through and is clearly substituted by an extra wearing his costume on numerous occasions. In one particular bar room scene this pseudo Woods moves sideways, crab like, out of shot in order to avoid showing his face to camera. He needn’t have bothered. We know who you are! Or rather, who you’re not.

Donald O’Brian’s character is the heavy of the piece yet somehow gets sympathetic treatment by the end, Woods’ character has a lost family thread which seems tacked on and the rest of the bounty killers (one who sports a hook so obviously held in place by the ‘missing’ hand it is supposed to be replacing that it looks like a kid’s Halloween prop) are an ill fitting bunch with only marginal points of interest. In all, it’s a mess, if a harmless one, and for completists only.

Ha, ha …so it was a quick beer cheque for Woods then :smiley: .

i hear there’s a fandub of this movie italian?english subs has anyone got it and if so would you be willing to sell me a copy.

I have it. I don’t sell copies but will happily send you one. I’ll PM you.

Super low budget this one. Feels very patchy, like the pieces have been sewn together. The story is a simple one. You care for none of the characters though. Even Woods with more screen time would not have helped this one much. Most painful scene is seeing a guy having an ingrown toenail removed…those swines are very nasty :stuck_out_tongue: .

The talented @Djangoisme wrote a nice new review of this one, check it out at

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This is staggeringly bad, though I did sit through the entire movie.

Same locations, costumes and many of the cast seen in ‘A Colt in the Hand of the Devil’, which is Oscar winning material by comparison.

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Thanks for sharing this. This is the first time I seen the English dubbed version. It’s good that Grinjo on YouTube is uploading so many films which were not previously available with an English dub.

great looking print of a somewhat crappy film :slight_smile: I’m adding it to my collection.

I’ve actually ‘had it’ with these type of movies.

Having watched quite a few out of curiosity, it’s clear that there’s nothing to be gained by suffering this nonsense.

I know actors need to take whatever work is offered depending on their status, but there are limits !!!

The Archive of Italian Cinema does not even have an entry for Sei bounty killers per una strage. Must be a rather obscure film, perhaps released in Italy without having passed the censorship, or maybe not at all? @JonathanCorbett probably knows more about it.

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Fansubbed copies of the Italian and German versions have been in circulation for years, but this is the first time I have seen it in English. It is not a good film, but I watched it because like Woods, O’Brian and Wang. O’Brian is an interesting and underrated actor, appearing in many genre films over the years. Hopefully, Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine and Vamos a Matar Sartana will turn up soon.

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I understand the completist’s need to see everything ever produced that could be tagged, ‘SW’ … but I’m just saying, I can’t take anymore rubbish … this particular film has pushed me beyond endurance. :rofl:

Yes that did sound melodramatic, but really if there were any hidden gems left to see, wouldn’t we know about them by now ?

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Although there are posters, in Italy Sei bounty killers per una strage was in all likelihood only shown on local TV: in May 1988, for example, it went on air a couple of times on a local television station called Rete Canavese.

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Thanks, JC!

I’ve watch it today on YouTube. Perhaps it’s even worst than The Executioner of God. Both are crap.

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This English dubbed version is just so tedious to watch.

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We’re so fortunate to be able to see such an obscure gem in such a good quality. Incredibly relaxing, this one.