Silvia solar (1940-2011)

(Nzoog Wahrlfhehen) #1

She died last week in Lloret de Mar, where she’d been living for years, of undisclosed causes. No mention in the media. She was a Miss France whose film career took place primarily in Barcelona, frequently under the aegis of Iquino. At least six Euro-westerns to her name. Her real name was Geneviève Couzain.

(El Topo) #2

She wasn’t such a beautiful face like others actress of that period in the same “metier” like Nadiuska, Vega or even Lyberten and Helga Liné, but still a very familiar face. I’ve just recently watched Los violadores del amanecer and Las ratas no duermen de noche


(Nzoog Wahrlfhehen) #3

She wasn’t really in the same metier as Nadiuska, Adriana Vega, Helga Liné or Eva Lyberten. They did lots of softcore; Solar appeared in such films, but in character roles.

In Los violadores del amanecer, by the way, Solar is dubbed by a Spanish actress, but Solar is recognisable as the dubbed voice of the black actress (Jennifer James) who appears towards the end. These switch-arounds are common in Spanish cinema at the time.
Iquino’s Los violadores, by the way, is a delirious Spanish rape-and-retribution film featuring, among other things, a doctor that smokes and a Catholic priest that condones abortion. The news of Solar’s death was broken in a Spanish forum by Ricard Reguant, who appears in that film as an actor (he’s the young bearded cop) and dubs the voice of one of the thugs.

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Thanks for the posting Nzoog. Sad she’s gone and forgotten by todays press.