Side kicks

(ramrod) #1

IF you like old westerns like i do, you know about sidekicks.mostly crusty old codgers with bad teeth,a squirelly way a talkin and a hankerin for whiskey.Of all the side kicks i would say walter brennan was the best.see" red river ";“the far country” "rio bravo"and other films.

(Bill san Antonio) #2

Definitely Walter Brennan. I read recently Jopseph McBride’s book about Howard Hawks (Hawks on Hawks) which had some funny stories about Brennan.

(Phil H) #3

This was the oldest thread I could find so thought I’d resurrect it to save Silence some time. :wink:

(Silence) #4

I have only seen very few of the old American Westerns so I have nothing to post in this thread ;).


Except this post :wink: .

(Spaghetti Monkey) #6

Eduardo Fajardo was most excellent in RINGO, FACE OF REVENGE.