Show Your SW Soundtrack Collection!


Ahh I see! Yes mine is the new Cinevox release. I wasn’t aware of that Japanese version, that exclusive track scenario sounds interesting.

(Nick) #42

Soren was correct, I thought that the new Cinevox release included the same music as in the Japanese edition.

I actually found the exclusive alternate take here. Seems interesting, though I’m happy with my fancy 2006 version.

(Toscano) #43

Just bought:

Been after this magnifico soundtrack for ages. In my opinion, one of the most beautiful works of ‘Spaghetti’ folklore on the market…with a main theme to die for…


I should really rewatch The Forgotten Pistolero, I do remember the score being rather beautiful.

(Toscano) #45

It is, Dean. Check it out on ‘You-tube’.

(Phil H) #46

My eldest daughter bought me this for Christmas.

Been thoroughly enjoying over the past few days


You’ve got the family well trained - I still get socks and underpants, which I suppose are important too :roll_eyes: