Should I buy the Triple X DVD of ---

Tonino Valerii’s THE PRICE OF POWER (1970)?,_Il/DVD
pictured at bottom.

Has anyone seen it?

Is the picture quality up to professional standards or is it smudgy like in the public domain editions?

Is the dubbing in sync?

Many thanks.


I have 2 DVDs. German DVD has better picture quality than Thai but is in wrong aspect ratio and has only german. I haven’t watched the Thai one but audio seems in synch. Italian and Japanese DVD is probably much better

Thai DVD, Triple X

NTSC, 2.35:1 non-anamorphic, 1:48:11, English+Thai

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German DVD, Best Entertainment

PAL, 1.78:1 non-anamorphic (some scenes in 2.35:1), 1:46:54, German only (some scenes in English)

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The German one is unfortunately cut in 2 scenes due to sloppiness of the release company. They also released the much shorter German version which contains these 2 scenes.
For the longer version they used the shorter version (only in 1,85:1) and inserted the missing scenes from a 2,35:1 source, only that somehow these 2 scenes got lost in the process.

I appreciate both your responses, thank you.

The Triple-X from Thai was cheap on ebay so I bought that before Candela posted the screen caps. The ebay page says it’s anamorphic. At least I think it does.

I guess there’s no perfect edition.
I would have bought the German edition if it were English friendly.

Spaghetti westerns need a web-site that facilitates a disciplined comparison in DVD-Beaver fashion.
Thank you for the screen caps, Candela.


[quote=“Richard–W, post:4, topic:3026”]Spaghetti westerns need a web-site that facilitates a disciplined comparison in DVD-Beaver fashion.
Thank you for the screen caps, Candela.[/quote]
There is this site:

But I think sundance is running this site by himself alone which is lot of work for just one person.

That site is a good start, but there aren’t enough screen grab comparisons between different editions to make it really useful. Nor is there sufficient technical knowledge or discipline in how the screen grabs are evaluated. If I send harsh it’s because I’m pissed off I wasted my money on this inferior transfer of The Price Of Power. It’s analog quality, and not the best analog quality by any means. I’m not happy with the German edition of The Bounty Killer, either. At least the transfer is marginally sharper and anamorphic, but it’s still analog quality. I hate spending all that money on imports that I can’t enjoy because the quality is so poor.

Yeah, there should be a free spaghetti western help desk ::slight_smile:

I don´t understand this constant complaining, Richard. A lot of information was readily available, before you purchasing. Alot is here in the database and on the forums, and Sundance´s efforts are great and useful in my opinion. Besides that, beggars can´t be chosers.

Try to keep up, Bad Lieutenant. There’s no constant complaining for you to understand. But there is disappointment in this purchase. No disciplined comparison was available until it was posted here after my purchase.