Shoot to Kill / Texas Jim / Los cuatreros (Ramón Torrado, 1965)

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Man from the army (Purdom) is sent to a town to investigate cattle thefts at a ranch. Things are not simple though, and we have one or two plot twists in the very short running time of this one. There is even time for a spot of romance.

Remember Purdon the most in a later role as the priest in the horror film Absurd ,so a little strange at first seeing him so young. Film on the whole reminds me of a Rawhide episode. Things did brighten up a little when Fernando Sancho popped up, but he has little screen time.[font=times new roman][/font]

Wow what a lonely forum topic :slight_smile: Nobody has ever seen it aside from @ENNIOO ? :wink:

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I was pretty sure I’d seen this because I have had a dvd-r for years but apparently I’ve never watched it though. Not expecting much as these Torrado’s early genre entries are really bland.

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Have you watched the movie in the meantime? The DVD from DVDlady?