Shoot, Gringo … Shoot! / The Longest Hunt / Spara, gringo, spara (Bruno Corbucci, 1968)

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Well made in all departments, a great Morricone score, my only problem with this one is that I don’t particularly like it. I probably fall into the “most cynical” category mentioned in your (excellent) review. :grinning:

Alex Cox called the film “boring.” I personally think it’s almost perfect. It has a good story, a nice soundtrack and plenty of action. The actors were really good, too. Brian Kelly really suited the role. It’s a pity he didn’t make more spaghetti westerns. This one gets a 4/5 rating from me!

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Yet he thinks And God Said to Cain isn’t? Please.

Me too!

A strange thing, the two films have exactly the same rating in my exel sheeet, even with two decimals, shearing the 145th place…