Any fans?

sorry but what is Sholay?

you dont know what a sholay is?!

a sholay is a russian male midgets porno acters who spits in the face of the other porn acter, most of the time a bearded lady.


looks like ITFOR knows his movies!


No I believe sholay is a bolly-wood action movie from the mid 70´s.
I never saw it but I believe it has become a real cult movie.

but I thought it was just one movie with the title “sholay”, with the question “are there any sholay fans” Im getting the feeling that sholay has become a style of his own ???

yeah it’s a Bollywood movie with many many refference to Leone movies… I’m not into Bollywood movies but apparently it’s the greatest movie oiftrhe genre, it’s the all time biggest box office ever…

LOL! I actually have this film on tape somewhere. It’s pretty long, and as you can imagine, mixes everything in there (action, romance, comedy, drama, singing, dancing). It’s basically about two petty criminals who are asked by the man who originally put them in prison, to liberate his town from a gang of bandits. Which they do, but with tragic consequences. It’s a pretty enjoyable film. I think one of the main stars is a politician in India now!

Being an Indian myself I can hopefully shed some light on this movie. First of all, the movie is considered to be the highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time, and is heavily influenced by the Spaghetti Westerns. In fact there is one scene where a whole family gets massacred the exact same way as the McBains in OUATITW. You can purchase a great DVD w/ subs of it relatively cheaply, just go to NY and you can find it there for around 10$. It’s a great movie, though it is extremely long and filled with dances and melodrama, so you gotta be paitient, but the movie’s great at the end.