Seven Pistols for a Gringo / Río maldito (Juan Xiol, 1966)

Noticed that Bill had watched this one recently and suspect I viewed the same cut version in Spanish with English subs that he did.
Not a great film by any means and very much in the traditional U.S. ‘B’ Western style that many of these early-ish Spanish films are but easy enough to watch and (as Bill mentioned on another thread) Bruno Piergentili (Dan Harrison) does look a little like Giuliano Gemma at times except without the same level of charisma. If you like your Spaghettis gritty this one probably isn’t for you but not the worst I’ve seen by a long chalk.

Like the guy who played the dentist and yes alot worse like you say.

Agreed. The dentist character was the stand out in this one.

Forgot to mention it before but Reverend Danite will be pleased to hear that there’s also a whipping scene in the film. Poor Patricia Loran gets to feel the whip in the middle of the street. 8)