Seven Nuns in Kansas City / Sette monache a Kansas City (Marcello Zeani, 1973)

No Forum topic until today for this one, a very eligible candidate for the maglia nera/black jersey of worst SW ever…

Warning! Be extremely cautious and think twice before watching this movie, it’s a sort of Rocky Horror (in every sense) SW Show ante litteram! ;D

Would be a good movie to review after Once upon a Time in the West …

Ah, but there is much competition for this much vaunted and sought after prize. Do I hear Sartana in the Valley of Death refuting your claim? And I know at least one member would say the title could easily go to the “total trash 0/5” Spaghetti Western (in fact it’s very origins as one of this genre have been openly called into question!), Once Upon a Time in the West

Seven Nuns in Kansas City …it goes deeper than being totally shit.

^ Haha, where’s that clip from? Truly made me laugh!

That’s how I wrote in last western you watched thread not too long ago:

Out of all the bad italian comedy westerns this could be easily the worst. Main characters are two sissy gay guys who are chased by villains because for some reason they are believed to possess a treasure map. There’s also fistfighting nuns, talking donkeys and two singing old guys called Whisky and Gin.

Me too. ;D

Planet of the apes i think

And seven nuns!!! never thought of a nunxploitantion SW sounds cool

[quote=“El Topo, post:9, topic:3128”]Planet of the apes i think

And seven nuns!!! never thought of a nunxploitantion SW sounds cool[/quote]

Perhaps it sounds cool, but it sure doesn’t look cool! :wink:
But who knows? It certainly looks different for one thing.

Up early today and put this on. Fucking awful. Unwatchable even. Actually I think it’s the worst I’ve seen, even more of a stinker than Trinity & Sartana.

The movie was co-written and co-produced by Lidia Puglia, hairdresser on lots of SWs

The psychotropic sequence focused on a gigantic gold nugget, the speeded up barber shop scene that makes no sense at all, the ‘beast in heat’ dressed as a nun, a town called Trombstone (from trombare, to fuck), the mountain easily offended by bad language… Save yourself if you can! :smile:

For Mario Dani I checked the 1971 movie Los corsarios a.k.a. Pirates of the Green Island, and although without the mustache the actor who plays Marrison /Madison in Seven Nuns seems in.

Perhaps Carlos could check Bang Bang Kid (I don’t have it) for final confirmation.

At this point Lello Pontecorvo could be Whisky Joe: I’ll check Società a responsabilità molto limitata (1973) as soon as possible.

No entry for this film in the Archivio del cinema italiano dell’ANICA. Was it even theatrically released?

Bang Bang Kid 1967 was a few years earlier but this guy seems him. I’m not sure of his character but by the visor cap maybe the telegrapher or croupier? What do you think?

Probably not, I have never seen posters or fotobuste. Despite this, the movie is listed - as Kansas City, according to some sources the original title - in Massimo Moscati’s book Il grande dizionario dei film (1998).

Yes, it’s undoubtedly him. Thanks!

I don’t know, but maybe this is one of those so-bad-it’s-good movies. A movie to be laughed at for being so stupid. I am interested. Maybe a double feature with “Kid il monello del West?” How about it, Wild East?