Seven for Pancho Villa / Los siete de Pancho Villa (José María Elorrieta, 1967),_Los

Pancho Villa sends seven men on a journey to get some gold that he says is his. Not much really happens at first just sort of rambles along. Spot of internal conflict among the men who are not really likeable in any way. Some love interest or should I say passion is also thrown into the plot. After the first half the pace does pick up a little, but not much. We find out one of the seven men is a gringo who is not really working for Pancho Villa, and is the most interesting character in the film. We enter romance mode between the gringo and the woman who has the gold, before the final shoot out. Music score is very old fashioned in style compared to some of the scores around this period.

The film as a whole is average at best.[font=times new roman][size=2] [/size][/font]

An average affair, well-shot but with a script that’s often rambling. Until the finale there’s not too much actiion either. The titles used in the English & German speaking world, respectively The Vengeance of Pancho Villa and Die Rache von Pancho Villa don’t seem to make much sense. Pancho Villa - played by an overweight Ricardo Palacios - appears only briefly, in the beginning of the movie, and the film is not about the famous revolutionary taking revenge

What makes the movie special, is the depiction of Villa and his men
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