Seven Devils on Horseback / I sette del gruppo selvaggio (Gianni Crea, 1975)

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Just watched this Gianni Crea trash last night… and by trash, I of course mean not trash. This low budget spaghetti is very typical and has nothing out of the ordinary. Gordon Mitchell heads some bandits while Dean Stratford fights them off and saves the town… This would appeal to the usual fans of Fidani, Batzella, etc. as well as those who like excessively long fistfight scenes. Call me crazy, but I would take this stuff over Duck you Sucker any day!

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Oh, come on…DYS was leone’s best character developed movie. ever, by his own admission…

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Yeah, I’m going to have to disagree with you too. DYS is not a movie you can compare with Crea. It’s great and although you are entitled toyour opinion, saying Crea’s movie is better is a step over for me.

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Haha… Somehow I knew that me saying that would stir things up. I’m not saying Crea is better than Leone, I’m just saying that what I saw of this film is better than DYS (which is a Leone film I do not like at all.) Besides, I’m a big fan of these low budget trash westerns… which I favor over the big top spaghettis.

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he didn’t say he thought it was a “better” film, he said he would prefer watching it over DYS- which is an entirely different kind of statement :wink:

I haven’t watched this one yet, but I will now make it a priority! :slight_smile:

I am with you cm215. I like the Leone’s more, but I will reach for a lesser spaghetti more often than I will for any of the Leones

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I have once watched Seven Devils on horseback !!!

Well, it really deserves to be listed here. The first ten minutes are not too bad 'cause stolen from Deadly Trackers (boring movie though) but then a trash-experience par excellance (?) is starting to stun the viewer. It is sooo bad, that it’s good again and somehow entertaining. Dino Strano and Mario Brega definitively give their worst SW performance in this one (you thought Anthony Steffen acts wooden !?).

If you like trashy movies, you have to watch this one !!!

Also have a look:,308.msg35854.html#msg35854

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OK, hah. Well if you are into spaghetti westerns then you are gonna come across this one and you are gonna watch this one anyway so, read the comments here. It is very badly acted but you gotta see it cos u is a spag west fan. Nuff said.

Just watch it on the cheap is all I can advise.

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Just watched this courtesy of the Ten Thousand More Ways to Die box-set which presents this movie in a splendid wrong aspect ratio of 1.33:1 which makes for example the final duel scene somewhat of an anti-climax as you can’t really see anything.

This movie is among those so bad it’s crap. It’s really awful. Actually this may be even worse than On the Third Day Arrived the Crow.

Bad acting. Bad script. The same gunshot sound used throughout the movie which would be bearable if the gunslingers in this movie weren’t the worst shots in the spaghetti west. Damn these guys can’t hit anything. Endless gunfights but no casualties.

In short: crap.

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This is probably the most boring Spag I ever watched. And for that a must see. Actually 2 or 3 Fids are similar worse. All co-produced by Edwood country.


I thought this was an outstanding Spagh really entertaining and full of action with most remarkable performances from Gordon Mitchell and Dean Stratford. The writing, casting, acting, directing was top notch and Gianni Crea has gained even greater admiration by me as a director. Highly recommended with at least a dozen beers or so.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Viewed this one again. We have a nice score, and it is, mainly borrowed from Blindman. We have a guy dicussing life to Dean Stratford, and Dean just gives the same facial expression. It was such a deep discussion for this type of film which surprised me. We have horses riding around, and thats about it. Even viewing a nice 2.35 T.V print cannot save this mess of a film.

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Just watched this movie again and noticed that when McNeil and Rosie leave on the stagecoach at the end, the stagecoach starts with 4 horses and then 2 more horses magically appear - this makes it one of the better parts of the movie, apart from the stolen start of the movie as mentioned earlier.

The gunplay is so bad - one person shoots then the other returns fire, then repeat, repea,t repeat - but no-one gets shot!