Seul au monde dans le western italien 1,2,3 Available!

The famous SW encyclopedia in 3 books written by Gian Lhassa and Michel Lequeux in 1983 is again available!
For years i heard that the book can be only found in some 2d hand book store
but its avalaible here for 38 euros and there is stock, my bro got me the 3 books
click on"Les éditions spécialisées" the book is on the back page

Hi Lanky !
That’s SO GREAT news !!!. I myself had found two volumes in second-hand but still missed one. They are very good and comprehensive.

Yeah! I was so surprise to find the belgian edition house just by google.
I quickly bough the book by mail (fear there was few books) but there was stock!
Happy it help you

Is there an english version available?

No… Just in French.

I’ve just bought the first and the third book because I had only the second. I received it fastly (But I live in Belgium…). The books are new!!! Perfect!

Be careful of the third book : only 30 are available…