Serious movies with Terrence Hill?


I saw Terrence Hill as Nobody and Trinity, I kind of like the character but I’m annoyed at the same time that he’s playing such an idiot. Do you know movies in which he’s as fast as Trinity, but don’t always smile like a retarded and don’t eat like a pig? I’m sure he could have as much charisma as Eastwood if he stays serious for a while.


It seems I missed Viva Django and God Forgives. Will have a look at Ace High too. Some other recommandations??

Boot Hill is the third one in Colizzi’s trilogy, not very good film imo but it has some fans here too.

La collera del vento (Trinity Sees Red/Revenge of Trinity) is a serious film but it’s not really a western. And no, it has nothing to do with Trinity.

And he also plays tough gunslinger in Little Rita of West but the film is otherwise comedy and musical.

Besides La Collera del vento, which is an anarcho syndicalists western, no fast draws there, you should try Dio perdona… Io no! and Preparati la bara!

This is how I would rank Hill’s serious

  1. Viva Django ( his most serious role, in my opinion)
  2. God Forgives I don’t
  3. Ace High
  4. Boot Hill

None of the The trinity films, nor my name is nobody, or Little Rita of the west, or A genius two partners and a dupe were super serious, and I find Hill doing good work but not his best. Little Rita of the west is one of the worst spaghetti westerns ever made.

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