Sergio Martino

SERGIO MARTINO 1938 is an outstanding, innovative, stylish Italian director of

Spaghetti Westerns Giallos Polizieschi Thrillers Adventure

His most famous CULT Films include the legendary polished Giallo TORSO 1974 :smiley:

Discuss this prolific, talented Italian Director his life, career etc etc.

As a matter of fact I’ve been picking up on a lot of Martino’s movies lately and last night 2019: After the Fall of New York rolled over the screen. A highly entertaining post-apocalypse movie starring Michael Sopkiw and with a nice part for the always good George Eastman.

Definitely recommended like the rest of the Martino movies I’ve seen lately:

Case of the Scorpion’s Tail
Your Vice Is a Closed Room and Only I Have the Key
Gambling City

In fact the worst Martino movie I’ve seen must be his spaghetti western Arizona Colt Returns. Oh the irony.

Earlier I’ve of course seen the very fine Mannaja and also The Mountain of the Cannibal God.

He seems like a pleasant man from the interviews I’ve seen on misc. dvd releases.

When watching Martino in interview for The Mountain of the Cannibal God regarding the animal torture scenes, he said these were added by the producer.

Ruggero Deodato has also said similar things for one or more of his cannibal films

I find this a rather convenient answer.

I have found Umberto Lenzi to be less like this.

Let’s face it, animal rights weren’t an issue when these films were made, at least not in Italy. And of course the directors knew what was going on more or less. But APART from that then :slight_smile:

[quote=“AvatarDK, post:2, topic:816”]Torso
Case of the Scorpion’s Tail
Your Vice Is a Closed Room and Only I Have the Key
[/quote]Check out also All the Colours of the Dark and Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh. I think these 2 are his best films.

Oh but I will :slight_smile: Already got them on my shelf along with a long string of other gialli which I’ll be watching somewhere along the line… But thanks!


Director : Sergio Martino Written By : Ernesto Gastaldi CCC Italian Productions

TORSO is widely acknowledged as one of the finest, most stylish, classic Italian Giallos.
JOHN “Execution/One Million Years BC” RICHARDSON and SUZY"Assault/Craze" KENDALL
head a distinguished top class cast along with genre regulars Luc Merenda , Tina Aumont.
The plot revolves round a psychotic masked killer who wears a black/red scarf and butchers beautiful young girls in many ingenious/gory ways. A masterpiece of the cinema.

My Vote For TORSO 1974 is 17.7 out of 20 :smiley:

I’m not into giallos, but I think Martino is regarded as being better at making those films than he was at making westerns.

Has anyone seen this?

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:9, topic:816”]Has anyone seen this?[/quote]

No but it sounds bloody interesting!

Saw Martino’s All The Colors of the Dark last night. Must say that I was a little bit disappointed. Sure it’s fun seeing Ivan Rassimov running around with clear blue eyes but the plot itself didn’t really catch me. Great cast though. Of the gialli I’ve seen by Martino I find Your Vice Is a Closed Room and Only I Have the Key most to my liking. Haven’t seen Strange Vice… yet. It may come out on top :slight_smile:

[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:9, topic:816”]Has anyone seen this?[/quote]
Dutch DVD release is the only one I know. Italian audio, Dutch subs, non-anamorphic widescreen. Not much of a giallo, more like made-for-tv thriller with some giallo-styled moments (few scenes from murderer’s point of view, murderer wearing black leather gloves). Looks quite cheap. Way too dialogue-oriented to be followed in language one doesn’t understand. It has one great scene, though: the final flashback sequence where everything is explained partly takes place inside woman’s womb and we see murderer as fetus! Only Italians could come up with something like that…

edit: I bought it from Cine City.



It has all the ingredients, cast, plot, music, direction etc :slight_smile:

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