Sergio Leone: The Way I See Things / Il mio modo di vedere le cose (Giulio Reale, 2005)

I found this documentary on youtube. Mostly familiar stuff to any Leone fan but there’s few anecdotes I hadn’t heard before. Story about visiting Polanski and Tate (around 48:30) is really creepy.

It also sounds like a fake story. Just checked up on facts. There was no ‘party’ and the fetus-ripping thing never happened either. Somebody corect me.

Yeah, like they say in this doc: Leone used to tell lies and invent stories just for the fun of it and to amuse friends but I think you can say the same thing about almost all italians (at least in the movie business). Like the story about who recommended Eastwood to Leone for Fistful, there must be dozen candidates.

Haha. Yeah have heard that story a few times now :slight_smile:

Thanks for making a distinction, you’re too kind! ;D

It is absent from Frayling’s bio of Leone, but Vincenzoni does include it in his book here: