Sergio Leone - Jean-Baptiste Thoret

I just got this book as a present from my friend Piva (he has big collection of spaghetti western soundtracks on vinyl and he is correspondent for Tom Betts’ fanzine). The book has 94 pages, it is nicely illustrated and has proper ratio of text and photos. I need a beginner course of French to avoid only looking at the pictures 8) .

Well, the French I can deal with, it’s a job for Fnac France. Can you tell who is the pubblisher company ?

Thank’s in advance DJ

The publisher is Cahiers du cinéma/Le Monde, collection grands cineastes, ISBN 978-2-86642-485-5.

Just looked it up on . Yes it’s part of their series of books on directors. It’s cheaply priced which is nice, but I wonder how in-depth it is?