Sergio leone exhibit -- los angeles, ca

For those who live in Cali or are planning to visist before the end of January 2006

The Autry Museum is hosting a Sergio Leone Tribute Exhibit until January…

It’s pretty amazing!

nice website also, btw

Hey Gang,

I just got back from the Autry Museum “Sergio Leone Exhibition: Once Upon A Time In Italy”. Very impressive. A little smaller then I expected, but still fun. A great collection of Leone posters, as well as posters from American films that were influences of his. (John Ford,Anthony Mann, Howard Hawks etc) and of course the Holy Grail of “Spaghetti Western” lore: Eastwoods Poncho from the “Dollars” trilogy. Awesome! There were also costumes from Henry Fonda and Claudia Cardinale, scripts, production stills and costume sketches. Overall a great day.

BTW… the rest of the Museum with costumes from Clayton Moore, James Arness, movie posters and props is great. There is also some beautiful artwork about the true American West. If you can make it to the show…GO!!!

Hi, You should have tried to take some photographs there for us lesser mortals who cant make it :frowning: