Sergio Leone DOLLAR 80-page special tribute Magazine

CINEMA RETRO just published this fine tribute to the Dollars trilogy. I contributed just a couple of pages but am always proud to work for Dave & Lee :slight_smile:

I advise to buy the thing now. Certain RETRO issues are sold out for good now. Years ago I made a 10-page tribute
on EASY RIDER and the damn issue now costs over $80,00.- at eBay! Wish I had some left :slight_smile:

(no need for questions like ‘is it any good?’ 80 pages in full color - no ads - with hundreds of pictures are a must for any Leone fan. My opinion anyway)

Looks pretty nice!

Just ordered mine.

Received mine last week and they’ve done a really nice job. No earth-shattering revelations but each film is extensively covered, and the visual material is outstanding.

I’ve just received my copy of this fantastic tribute magazine from ‘Cinema Retro’, and I’m very pleased with it. It’s filled with so many excellent pics of behind-the-scenes, poster art etc. Certainly worth getting hold of a copy. I only found about this a few days ago when I was, by chance, browsing through the internet and came across the Cinema Retro mag. web-site - so glad I did! I’d have been gutted if I’d left it without realising it existed, and then discovered it had been sold out!

Yeh, my thoughts exactly. Well worth the money - there’s also a nice intro by Christopher Frayling

Mike, your article was one of the most interesting parts for me! Nice job buddy!

Just ordered :wink:

Mines in the mail from the U.K. I should have it in the coming week.

Mine arrived today! :slight_smile:
Haven’t had a chance to look closely but it does appear promising. Lots of pics which is always nice.

Mine arrived also. Looks good, haven´t read yet.

Looks great!

I 'am jealous…will place an order :smiley: .

I received my copy last week and read it straight through. Really nothing new that we haven’t read or seen before but it was a fun read and a great layout. Nice dedication to my friend Don Bruce and a preface by Sir Christopher Frayling. Great job Cinema Retro!

Great - thanks for the heads-up. Just got mine at cover price from eBay.

I’m amazed that, after all these years (and I’ve been an obsessive fan for 35 of them), there are still pictures from these films that I’ve never seen before, and revelations of deleted scenes I’d never even heard of. As an example - when the BFI in London was doing its Clint Eastwood season a couple of years ago, they promoted it with an image of the Man with No Name in a riverside setting not familiar from any of the films. Now I’ve learned it was from an alternative version of the “Who said I was joking?” shootout from For a Few Dollars More, filmed but not used. Who of us knew that such a thing existed?