Sergio Leone Documentaries

I’m always loking for rare footage & docs about my favorite films & film makers. I just learned about this one here:

I’d love to have it. Is anybody here from Italia who recorded it from RAI maybe? I have some stuff for trade, I recently digitalized my VHS tapes with rare Leone-footage & docs.

Come to think of it: has anybody the French doc ONCE UPON A TIME SERGIO LEONE? It was screened
in Germany some 4 years ago, but only cut (38 minutes, I’m sure the French version is much longer).
Also I’m looking for the Italian Leone TV-Special from 1989 and the TV-Show from 1984 (on OUATIA).

Like I said - I have a lot of stuff for trade, not only Leone of course but some 1000 hrs of rare docs…

Trying to add some more to the SWDb. Like the recent on on Arteérique_de_légende

Also a short bit on his credits sequences:

Something on the Paris exhibition

And one about locations