Sergio Corbucci poll

It seems appropriate to dedicate Sergio C. a similar poll which is dealing with his westerns. And I’m sure we will have quite surprising results.

Best SW: The Mercenary

Worst SW: The White, the Yellow, the Black (or Massacre at Grand Canyon which is in fact an Albert Band film)

Most overrated: The Hellbenders

Most underrated: The Specialists

So, what do you think about Corbucci’s 13 SWs?

Best: The Mercenary
Worst: Minnesota Clay
Over: Great Silence
Under: The Specialist

As a die-hard Corbucci fan this should be taken seriously, so I’ll wait with my vote untill I’ve seen all his films.

I’ve seen a lot of his movies (missing a few) so I can make a good stab at voting:

Best: Navajo Joe
Worst: Massacre at Grand Canyon
Underrated: The Hellbenders
Overrated: Django (yes even though I love it I think too many people jumped on the band wagon)

Underrated: NAVAJO JOE

As always, a few against the grain choices. It’s good to be back talking about SW’s.

Best: Django - a technically brilliant, down-and-dirty exploitation classic.

Worst: The White, the Yellow and the Black - practically unwatchable (and fighting off strong competion from Sonny & Jed).

Most Overrated: Companeros - shambolic Professional Gun retread.

Most Underrated: The Hellbenders - a great action film and also a great drama.

Best: Django
Worst: The White, the Yellow, the Black
Overrated: Companeros
underrated: Navajo Joe

Best - Django

Worst - Sonny and Jed

Under - Don’t know,his masterpieces (Django,Companeros,Silence and Mercenary) are
rated in such a way

Over - The specialists

I have not seen white, yellow…but after viewing this thread, I feel I’m not missing much :’(

Best SW: The Great Silence

Worst SW: Minnesota Clay

Most overrated: The Specialists

Most underrated: Sonny & Jed

hah, this is interesting, much more variance than in Leone poll


Best SW: Great Silence (or Django)
Worst SW: Massacre at Grand Canyon (or white, yellow and black)
Most overrated: Mercenary (or Navajo Joe)
Most underrated: Sonny & Jed (or Minnesota Clay)

Can’t make decisions tonight :-[

Much greater variety in Corbucci’s output than Leone’s of course, because he made several more Westerns, which makes this poll easier than the other one.

Best: The Great Silence
Worst: The White, the Yellow and the Black
Overrated: Companeros (I still think it’s great, however, just not his finest work)
Underrated: Minnesota Clay (one of the best ‘transition’ Westerns)

Best: The Great Silence
Worst: Sonny & Jed [haven’t seen The White, the Yellow, the Black and Grand Canyon]
Overrated: Django
Underrated: The Specialists

Best: The Great Silence.

Worst: Companeros.

Most overrated: The Mercenary.

Most underrated: Sonny & Jed.



Most overrated : DJANGO (tough call though, i do love it)

Most underrated : MINNESOTA CLAY

Best: The Mercenary

Worst: Massacre at Grand Canyon

Most overrated: Companeros

Most underrated: Johnny Oro

Best: Django

Worst: Hellbenders

Over: Companeros

Under: Haven’t found one, almost all seem to have defenders

I love that movie!

Best: Companeros

Worst: Minnesota Clay

Over: Great Silence

Under: The Hellbenders

Almost mirrored my picks,except you had Companeros over Il Mercenario.