Sergio Corbucci: L'uomo che ride (2015, Magrini, Meddi)

I just watched this Corbucci documentary. It’s 54 minutes and with Corbucci’s broad filmography most of his films aren’t mentioned or are only glimpsed briefly. Django, The Great Silence and Mercenary got some attention and there’s few pieces of trivia about them I hadn’t heard before (for example, James Coburn was supposed to play lead in Mercenary while Franco Nero was supposed to be Paco).

And there’s a short clip of Tomas Milian without a hat or wig. :see_no_evil:

His wife Nori shared alot of great info during her interview on Arrow’s Django disc also.

Nice. How did you watch it?

Interesting. How long is the interview?

Almost half an hour.

Other than Django she only goes into detail about Il Grande Silenzio, and how Tarantino called her to ask if he could remake it.