Seraphim Falls (David Von Ancken, 2006)

Seraphim falls is a good Manhunt revenge western with some great moments. What do you think of it?

I really liked it, especially the beginning.

But the ending of the movie kinda sucks, what is your interpretation of the ending scene? (watch out for spoilers :wink: )

I wrote this some time ago about it in the ‘Last western you watched’ thread:


A revenge/pursuit western, set in the aftermath of the Civil War. Southerner Liam Neeson and his hired guns are chasing Pierce Brosnan from the snow-caped mountains of Oregon to the sun-baked plains of New Mexico.
Why Neeson is on Brosnan’s trail we learn only relatively late in the movie, and the intended ‘twist’ is a bit of a let-down, leading to a heavy-handed, over-symbolic finale. Otherwise it’s a good western, beautifully shot and quite compelling.
I have never been a fan of Neeson nor Brosnan, but they both turn in a decent performance. Still, they play second fiddle to the landscape: the film seems to underline the futility of man and his aspirations in the majestic world he’s thrown in. Taking the setting into account, there clearly are references to contemporary American society, once again struggling with painful war experiences.

There are some pictural references to spaghetti westerns (The Great Silence and Once upon a Time in the West in particular) but with its deliberate pace, strong emphasis on landscape and sudden outbursts of graphic violence, the film reminded me most of the Aussie Eastern/Western The Proposition. So if you liked that one, you’re very likely to enjoy this one too.

I thought it was a great film, good enough to have in my collection.

It reminded me of the Charles Bronson / Lee Marvin film DEATH HUNT

I like Brosnan in this.

But, people, I will always remember this movie for one scene…

when Brosnan hides inside the gutted body of his dead horse and then leaps out to surprise Neeson et al.
This has to be one of the most ridiculous moments ever in a western.

Ok, so they are crossing a furnace-like desert. Brosnan’s horse dies of heat exhaustion. So he guts the thing and hides inside the body.
What do you suppose the temprature is inside the body cavity of a large mammal that just died of heat exhaustion in the desert? (nevermind the smell!)
And then the way he kinda “jumps” out in surprise.
I can’t even think of the rest of the movie. All I can think about is this scene.
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I absolutely loved this movie. It was amazing

i thought this was an above average, entertaining western,with two good performances from Brosnan and Neeson, two actors you wouldn’t think of as starring in a western.some good moments of sudden and jolting violence but film loses it’s way a bit towards the end and the final conclusion is very disapointing for me in my opinon and stops the film from being good but it is highly watchable.Nice to see Ed Lauter in a sizeable role again.

This was a good and a surprising western. I especially liked the first part which took place in the snowy settings, it was really engaging. It starts to get bit boring towards the end and the flashback explaining why Brosnan’s character is hunted was quite awkward. As well as the horse trick! Fucking laughable. The surreal ending was a weird surprise but I liked it anyway. I also noticed the nods to Leone in railway building scene which had few shots lifted from OUTITW.