Sequel to 'My Name is Nobody'?

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This is my first post here, so forgive me if I break any rules. Last week I was google-ing Spaghetti Westerns after having recently buying the Sartana DVD set. That’s how I found this site. But I found a listing for a movie that was suppose to be a sequel to ‘My Name is Nobody’. Now I can’t find that reference/link and I can’t remember the name of the movie. I thought someone here might know the name of the movie?

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Hi Smorri. Welcome

The film your looking for is A Genious, Two Partners, and a Dupe (1975, Damiano Damiani)

Yes! Thank you for the quick response!!


Hi, actually it really isn’t a sequel. It was named Nobody’s the greatest in some markets and Terence Hill plays a similar character but there is no link in continuity between the two movies. Personally I don’t consider it a sequel.

Personally I consider it a pile of shit.
Nobody I like (scepting the slapstick nonsense of course) - but I cannot get thru’ this bollocks tho’ - I must’ve tried maybe 3 times.

That’s correct. It’s actually not a sequel.

The character is also similar to the ones Hill played in the 2 Trinity films, without someone calling them prequels to Nobody or Nobody a sequel to the Trinity films.

If you expect a similar film as My Name Is Nobody then A Genius is probably a major disappointment.

And the Rev has also his point …

Beautifully filmed tho’ - epic landscapes, wonderful framing etc.
But still shit!

Not really a sequelbut continuation of the same characters adventures. And like others have said, it is very beautifully shot in Monuement Valley.

I thought it was pretty good myself.

Joe Thanks and Nobody are not the same character.

But are they very different?

No, they dress the same, wear the same gun, same enthusiasm, same…everything.

No they aren’t. Obviously Joe Thanks was modelled after Nobody who was, to some degree, modelled after Trinity. But that doesn’t make Genius a “continuation of the same character’s adventures” since the character isn’t the same. Sabata was modelled after Col. Mortimer who also ‘inspired’ Van Cleef’s character in The Grand Duel but they are all different characters & movies.

Do most people who don’t like this movie not understand what’s going on?

I admit that I don’t know what’s going on, but I simply can’t stomach the banal stupidity of the film and get to the end. And no amount of well shot scenery and potential ‘meaning’ or ‘illumination’can get me past this. I’d wade through real shit for a real nugget of gold, but not thru’ this shit for a metaphorical one.

The story of A genius is easy to understand, but it’s absolutely uninteresting. Problem is the film is not funny (very bad for a comedy) and rather boring (bad for any film). In my humble opinion.

In my humble opinion too

Some scenes I like in this movie: :smiley: The scenes in the fort with Terence are funny. The scene with Klaus Kinski is nice and to see Miou-Miou in Underwear is ok.
But the rest of the movie ::slight_smile: ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Film is overlong for a not so funny comedy for me aswell.

After all it’s in a few top 20 lists. 2 I think.

It was in mine, probably around no. 25 now incase you were wondering