Second Chances

If I dislike a Spaghetti which has undoubtable potential, I usually rewatch it eventually. Mostly through recollections of the film. I become interested in the film again and give it a second chance. My queston is, does anyone else operate like this and what films do you think deserve a second chance judging by your own viewing experience. I have several on the rewatch list. Films I initially didn’t like. In the list are some films I don’t dislike,just think that they could be better if I understood them better so I give them multple chances.

Unholy Four
Gand Duel
Django, Kill
Town Called Hell
100 Rifles
Day of Anger
The Mercenary
Death Rides a Horse
Kill Them All and Come Back Alone
Texas, Adios
They Call Him Cemetery
Forgotten Pistolero
Four of the Apocalypse

Films that got better after the second viewing method

Beyond the Law
Great Silence
Big Gundown
Forgotten Pistolero (liked it better after a 4th watching but swtill has more potential yet to be discovered)

Well for me I guess it depends on what mood I am in to a degree. Sometimes you can view to many westerns, something which I did last year. I try not to do this as much now even though I have many westerns to view. I like to watch upgraded versions in terms of picture quality on a second viewing where possible of films I was not sure about the first time around.

My gawd, no. I can usually tell if something’s a stinker if I’m having a hard time getting through it the first time.
On a lot of em, it’s so obvious to me when it’s poorly made. I’d say there are less than 20 spags I’d rewatch at this point… the Sollimas, Leones, maybe a few others.

YES but it depends very much on the Director, Actor … and in which mood I was the first time I watched it.

Most of the movies of your list are typical examples for movies worth to watch a second time or a third. :wink:

This may also depend on whether you view a cut version or the full length version and also if yoiu watch it in a language you don’t firmly comprehend. A second viewing of a full length version usually makes a difference and if the story actually has a story that is related through the dialoge that you may not understand during the first viewing.

Second viewing always helps. You are used to the stucture, and now you are not surprised by ideas which you find disappointing by your first viewing, cause you know what’s coming. And then sometimes you begin to like excactly these ideas which you couldn’t stand before.

I was disappointed by OUTW the first time. Then it became one of my all times favourites. The Wild Bunch also wasn’t love at first sight.

About your films Korano:

Django Kill is a good example for a film which strangeness needs probably time to settle down in your mind before you are able to enjoy it.

The Mercenary still gets better, still grows with every viewing. Dien’t liked it too much either when I first saw it.

Some of the others also got better, e.g. 4 of the Apocalypse. Only Kill Them all didn’t change a bit.

Death Rides a Horse, I don’t know, so many people like it, and I had the strong will to like it, to discover something I hadn’t seen before, but after a 3rd watch I’m not sure if anything had improved, even if I give it now a 6/10 instead of a 5.
Maybe only because I’m a bit biased by all the defenders.

I didn’t expect Death Rides a Horse to be slower paced. I also viewed the HORRIBLE quality DVD. I’m sure it’ll be better next time.

Maybe some will kill me now but I needed a second viewing of GBU to love it. :slight_smile:

I think sometimes the mood i’m in when i watch a movie can color my opinion, but i still usually get a good sense of whether or not it’s worth going back to even if it disappoints me the first time. I think most of the films on your list are worth going back to, though i don’t think TOWN CALLED HELL will ever really make sense, it reminds me of some of the loopy Monogram movies from the '40s. (part of it’s charm really) I also think we should start a poll to see if we should kill Paco.

I think one of the biggest influence in perception of a movie is the expectations you have. For example death rides a horse, I would say it now has a reputation as a cult hit due to the tarantino quotes about the film, and it is in general well liked. It is a good film, but no that good as one might think for example, but it is definetely worth a second view, the action between the two protagonists is quite good.
Well and i like requiescant quite some bit, but I had very low expectations and caught it on TV once. There it was the other way around, low expectations led me to like a film that might be considered okay, considering acting budget etc. But i enjoyed it quite a lot.
So film that i might have to rewatch in a better version is Cemetery without crosses, saw the “bad” tv version, and found it to be very boring. But the opinion of this movie in this forum leads me to think that i should give it a second chance.
So as an advise i would say to you to check the films pages on the database and in the forum and see how others liked them, and if the weakneses that led you to dislike the movies are described there as well. That is the best to see if a movie has earned a second chance.

In general i would say all movies get better with a second viewing, and it is quite interesting to do that. Because sometimes you think: why did i Disliked/liked this movie so much? it is an interesting experience.

I definitely think expectations can really mess with your enjoyment. I try to avoid any in depth opinions of a movie before i watch it, go in with a blank slate, so to speak. I’ll never forget being disappointed by PULP FICTION, not because it wasn’t a fun film (it is), but because it didn’t live up to the hype. Since then i’ve tried to avoid reviews/opinions 'til after i’ve seen a film, then it’s fun to read what other people got out of it that maybe you didn’t.

To continue my thoughts on Death Rides a Horse, like I said, I hadno idea it was slwoer paced and my only visuals of the film came from it’s trailer which is always misleading. I will put it’s rewatching on top priority.

I’ve given a second chance to Death Rides a Horse. Better. Not great but still avery good one.

Genius, Two Partners and a Dupe… I saw it 4 years ago and absolutely hated it (I only liked the opening with Kinski), i’d only seen a few SW’s back then. I decided to give it another go recently and I loved it, I seemed to understand what was going on this time.

Also OUATITW I didn’t enjoy it the first two times I saw it, now its my 2nd favourite, something happened on the 3rd viewing, I can watch it all the time now.

Keoma as well.

Pretty extreme changes. Hate to love.

Me, I loved Keoma from the start. :slight_smile:

I definitely agree with 2nd chances. I attempt to watch movies twice so I can get the whole picture - unless it is Four of the Apocalypse which I found no reason to watch again.

Ones that got better after 2nd viewing (I may have liked them to start but they got even better):
The Hills Run Red

Ones that need a 2nd viewing:
Ben and Charlie
Beyond The Law
Unholy Four
Massacre Time

and I too loved Keoma after the first viewing as well as Death Rides A Horse

Unholy Four is definetly one of my secret faves.

Beyond The Law got much better on my 2nd viewing.

Massacre Time has to be on my list, I didn’t like it at all, I was so disappointed…

Unhloy Four is stillon my too see again list.

Ben and Charlie is just fun. Don’t worry about the confused plot. Just have fun.

Beyond the Law gets SOOOOOOOOO much better the second time. It wouldn’t even have made my top 70 but now, its in my top 10!

Massacre Time got good around thewhippingscene in the middle. The first half is not that good but that second half is some fun!

Totally forgot to add Django Kill aka If You Live Shoot to my list of 2nd chance movies.

That one deserves a second chance!