Schwarzenegger to star in Western

directed by Korean director Jee-woon Kim who made The Good, the Bad and the Weird, I saw the Devil and A Bittersweet Life, making his first English language film. I can’t wait.

It’ll be average, at best. Arnold’s fan-base is splintered and wind-blown… He should re-start with a sci-fi project, then work toward a western.

[quote=“kit saginaw, post:2, topic:2779”]It’ll be average, at best. [/quote]That’s what I thought until I saw who was directing it. Have you seen any of the director’s films Kit?

Could be interesting.

Seems to become a western set in the present.

I wasn’t too excited about The Good, the Bad, the Weird, but Bittersweet Life was very good.

Well, as long as Schwarzenegger doesn’t speak too much, it could be okay…

LOL…!! ;D

Suppose the cash will come in handy as his wife has filed for divorce.

If Gordon Mitchell did westerns whi not Arnold

[quote=“El Topo, post:9, topic:2779”]If Gordon Mitchell did westerns whi not Arnold[/quote]Indeed, and Mickey Hargitay and Steeve Reeves :wink:

i thought it was a modern western when i heard the plot was a town’s sheriff goes up against drug dealers. i may be wrong but i don’t think many drug dealers occupied the wild west not even in spaghetti westerns. :slight_smile:

it’s not a strange thing Schwarzenegger to play a western
after all play junior the most crappy movie ever made

[quote=“TheBigSmokedown, post:13, topic:2779”][/quote]Hahaha, so corny it’s fun, like a live action Road Runner ;D

“Django Cheats Again”

Ha, ha yes :wink: .

No I haven’t, I don’t think. I was speaking more to Schwarzenegger’s personna being able to generate a charismatic impact. His swagger may exist, but it’ll take an exceptional director to revivify it.

as an austrian i wish Schworzneggr to be president of the US of A , but please no more movies and if he has to be in movies again, not in western !