Scenes that you would steal

There is the saying that the good try to be original and the great steal. If you were going to make a movie what scenes would steal? for me I think one would be from the beginning of cemetary without crosses that wide shot of him slumped on the horse with blood on his hand, something similar could be done with a car depending on genre.


Any stellar scene is worth paying homage to in any kind of film. For me though, a real showcase of talent and ability would be to take a scene that was good on paper, but the execution by the director was pure lousy. That I think turns more heads the director’s way when he or she is able to take something that was bad before and turn it into gold.

Essentially scenes that when you see them make you go “Woah!” and then sticks with you. The problem with mine is that they all have build ups that lead to that moment that if I stole, everyone would know it in a heart beat. :laughing: One of these for me, it is the entire finale of The Forgotten Pistolero which I will not give away for those that have not seen it. Another is in the unedited Italian release of The Big Gundown when there is a wide shot on a field that the camera slowly closes in on as horsemen ride back and forth while the music of Morricone plays. As the camera gets close enough you begin to see a form hiding in that field and suddenly come to realize that it is Cuchillo, the man the horsemen are hunting. Finally, it is the smile that creeps across Hank Fellows’ face in Taste of Killing after watching some bandits massacre a group of men through the scope of his rifle. The personal poignancy of all of mine lie in the set up.

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You are right and I agree but in that case sometimes it is 2hole movies that qualify for that treatment unfortunately

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Funnily, I actually made a Spaghetti Western home movie with my siblings a few years ago and inadvertently stole this shot for the final scene.

Fistfull of Dollareedoos

Not a bad one to take, things like that will happen. Insperation will usually show through if we want them to or not.