Scene with a tent in the desert?

Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has seen a movie with the following scene. I can’t remember for sure the years I may have seen these but I would have to guess early 70’s. The scene I remember the most is a scene were there is a huge canvas tent out in the desert, this may have been the opening scene. The tent is a typical bar or saloon. One of the main characters orders a drink all the while another of the characters is setting on the bar playing a harmonica in the same style as Bronson does in Once Upon a Time in the West. The first character remarks about the harmonica player only being able to play the same tune. After some exchange both men find that they are searching for the same bad guys and keep running into each other on their search. That is about all I recall from. I had always thought the harmonica player was Bronson, but I think I was confusing it with Once Upon a Time in the West. Thanks for looking, if you have any ideas or if ti sounds familiar let me know.