Scalawag (Kirk Douglas, 1973)

Not officially a western but many western afficienados call it one. It is in reallity a pirate movie set in theold west of California . With western themes to it. Directed by it’s star. A USA/Italy/Yugoslavian “tri” production. Directed by and Starring Kirk Douglas.

Anyone seen this one then ?

I tried to watch it many years ago, but fell asleep and never felt the urge again. Methinks was an unfunny ‘comedy’?

Story is muddled to say the least. Characters are not interesting. Music is not good. Mark Lester even sings a song on the soundtrack :o .

A dud for me.

Forgot George Eastman co stars in this. His image and look is more to the style of his 60’s western roles, I thought. Starred along another big star around the same period… Charlton Heston. Anyway alot of elements from westerns, but the main problem of this film is its style. It starts of mean, then gets a bit mushy and maybe wants to be more of of a family type film, helped along by child actor Mark Lester. But then it gets a bit more mean towards the end of the film. So an uneven film for sure in the style department. But after saying all that I enjoyed this one alot more than last time :D, the dvd quality does help. A curiosity film and directed by the star Kirk Douglas.