"Sartana kills them all" - A small request

I’d really grateful if someone could upload an mp3 of the main theme of “Sartana kills them all”, it is the song “Ride Along” and it was composed by M.Giombini. It’s an amazing catchy tune and unfortunately i can’t find it anywhere.

It’s a time amigo, let’s go, let’s go…

Ace! Thanks a lot, amigo!

And thanks from me too! :wink: Love this song…and so does my kid. She’s been playing it most of the day! :smiley:

the link does not work anymore, any chance someone can repost a new one or something ?

I would really like to get this song much apreciated

Thank you but i dont think that is the right one, well not the one im looking for anyway i think i found this topic because he has " The wind will steal your pot of gold " in his signature which is a lyric from a song in the movie " Massacre Time "

does anyone know that song its kinda cheesy but its awesome

( what im really looking for is the theme song from Massacre Time

Great title song… It’s up on Shobary’s fine site:

thats great i had just found it on youtube and now i have the MP3
thank you all for trying this song is so catchy…