Sartana Does Not Forgive

Just ordered the West German DVD of Sartana Does Not Forgive. It’s not in Region 1 so I will have to get it converted to the US system. But at least it includes English subtitles. I love the two covers. One is on the actual DVD sleeve and the other is the

box sleeve.

Have you looked into a multi region DVD player? Those can be found rather cheaply on Ebay etc, if you aren’t looking for the most fancy of devices

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This dvd is not a good release, at least not for the english speaking audiences. The subs are out of sync and some parts are completely missing.

The story is still easy to follow because the movie is very visual but I agree the English subs are very distracting, the picture quality is quite bad also, the only truly good things about it is the cover art and the little menu montage but I think I’m the only one who bothers to watch it all before the movie…

I forgot to mention that as an extra there is a cut version of the film in a much clearer print, still damaged, but it’s only in German with no subs, good to own the film but it’s a disappointing release for sure

To follow up on our thread, yes I ended up purchasing a Sony all-region DVD/bluray player. And you were correct, it was relatively inexpensive. Now I can watch Sartana Does Not Forgive and any other title not available on Region 1. (Looking at you German release of Tepepa!)

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