Sarah Vista CD’s?

I watched the Spaghetti Western podcast with Sarah Vista. Great show, I love her music, especially the songs Django and Get Three Coffins Ready. I would like to get her two albums on CD being a big physical media guy myself. Not crazy about streaming/downloading music. But I notice on her site it doesn’t offer CDs even though I saw Tom B. hold one up for the camera during his interview with her. Before I reach out to her I’m curious if anyone here has her CDs and how I can get them.

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I have her debut album on vinyl and Silver Screen on CD. I’ve asked her for you.

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With a name like el Indio how could I not be excited to read this! Thanks, glad you like what you hear. My next lp will be hopefully right up your street. :cowboy_hat_face:

If you’d like to send me a suitable address I’ll send you a copy of the CD. My email addreas is


Thanks, amigo! Xx

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No problem, SV :metal:

Thank you so much Sarah. You are the best. I will forward my address but please let me know how much with shipping it will cost.

You’re welcome