Santee 1973

A late Glenn Ford film which i can say almost nothing good about it very routine and mediocre to me…Anyone seen it…?

I did, but I don’t remember much of it, which is not a good sign, I guess
I must say I’m not very fond of Glenn Ford in westerns; he’s not a bad actor, it’s something in his looks, I can’t really accept him as a gunman

I like the typical Glenn Ford look, but Santee is only average. Routine, yes.

Yes, should have been a much better film with its sympathetic slant on the bounty hunting motif. Ford (whom I evidently like more in Westerns than the rest here) looks rather tired.

The film opens with a music track that is not very good. We soon have Ford killing some men in true cold bounty hunter style, but what surprised me was the killings were a little on the bloody style which I was not expecting. A relationship between Ford and a young man whose father Ford had shot in self defence, is also a little different on how I expected things to pan out. Sure Ford is starting to look a little old, but this is a man who has a dream beyond his bounty hunter killings. Amongst some more bloody killings we have an ending which seemed a little rushed.

Ford is not my first choice of a gunman, but he has demons to settle from the past and his relationship with the young man seems to simmer this. This combination makes for a man who wants to change, but finally has to go back to the way he knows best.

I was not looking forward to viewing this one as I had previously read the comments in this thread, but this is one I will view again for sure. Oh and the music score sure does improve.