Samurai movies

I love this genre, and they have some kinship with westerns, too.
A lots of great films…

Yes great genre- Sword of doom is outstanding,most of the lone wolf and cub movies are great and of course anything with mifune.

and of course “A Fistful of Dollars” was based on “Yojimbo” and “The Magnificent seven” on “Seven Samurai”:slight_smile:

Yes, there are many many great films in the Samurai genre!
Apart from all of the ones mentioned above there are the films in the ZATOICHI series (which inspired Tony Anthony’s BLINDMAN, I believe), Hideo Gosha’s GOYOKIN, THE NEMURI KYOSHIRO (aka, SLEEPY EYES OF DEATH) series, THREE OUTLAW SAMURAI, and much much more.

Regarding samurai movies, does anyone have any information about picture quality of Samurai Trilogy by Eastern Eye/MadMan Australian distributor and if so, could he compare the picture quality with one on Criterion DVD?
Thanks in advance.

I rank Yojimbo even a notch higher than A Fistful of Dollars. Mifune… what a great performance.

Me, too, amigo! That might make us a little unpopular around here…but, who cares? Ha ha ha!
YOJIMBO is just a brilliant bit of cinema in every way.