Same film


very suspciious. who can help? are those one and the same film?

Seems to be the same movie !!! I can’t find La Spacconata anywhere in SW literature ???

Sorry Bluntwolf, apparently these are two different films

I haven’t seen a single minute of either of them, but this is what Giusti has to say abot it in his Dizionario:

<< A late Zanna Bianca spaghetti western, filmed by Brescia at the same time as Zanna bianca e il cacciatore solitario, which has the same production characteristics and even the same actors, from Woods to Sanchez to Hundar. Hundar says they even shot the two films on the same set and only changed some script elements and added a few different action scenes >>

Bruckner mentions both, and claims that both were shot back to back.

There is also one DVD for each available in Germany.

Ok, so they’re easily to be mixed up. I have a vhs version of ‘Zanna bianca e il cacciatore solitario’ = very boring anyway !!!

Yes definitely not the same movie. Have watched them both and although not the top of the pops they are fairly enjoyable. The German dvd for La spacconata is not prime quality but in widescreen and with English dub at least so no reason not to get a hold of it if you are into the genre :slight_smile:

thanks guys!