Sabata Trilogy DVD

Does anybody know if the USA release of this pack includes Spanish audio/subtitles??

Hi Rojoprofundo,
I bought the “Sabata” trilogy and it say’s it only has English and French languages and subtitles

How is the “Sabata Trilogy” on DVD overall?
I heard, sadly, that there wasn’t any bonus material.

I’m pretty certain the set has no extras for any of the 3 discs.

I enjoy the movies overall and the set is definitely worth $15-20

updated the dvd pages with the seperate US releases

The last one I watched was The Return of Sabata. I really like Gianfranco Parolini’s style. The score is one of my favorites too. Also, Lee Van Cleef rules in every movie pretty much.

The DVDs all look really good. Too bad they didnt have any extra features. Some commentaries wouldve been nice.