Sabata the Killer / Reza por tu alma … y muere / Arriva Sabata … (Tulio Demicheli, 1970)

(YourPallbearer) #1

Video review

(chuck connors brother) #2

That was a good review… I want to see this, it looks like Steffen is showing more personality.

(korano) #3

I saw a very low quality english language VHS of this and it was barrely OK. But then again I could hardly see the screen because the screen was always fashing because of the VHS quality. The picture was so bad I didn’t even notice the squibs. I ove squbs and I missed them.

(Silence) #4

I have a DVDr of the Xrated DVD. Haven’t seen it yet but it looks nice. Great review by the way.

(chuck connors brother) #5

Another one i’d give a 4/5, I just love the feeling of the movie and the three leads, just really enjoyable imo, another good Steffen performance as well.

(Silence) #6

Yes, saw it this summer. Not a deep Sollima like film buta simple, entertaining Spaghetti Western with a good message at the end.

(p.pereira) #7

The cast of this one it’s quite appealing, but the movie direction could be much better. It seems a comedy western in the begging and then the men countdown begins, awkward.

(Silence) #8

Don’t find this a Comedy Western. It is one in the beginning but gets very serious towards the end.

(p.pereira) #9

Indeed. The whole action in the beginning its funny (car chasing, comic score, etc), it turns to something different in the second half. Despite that I enjoy the watching.

(Silence) #10

Though the beginning is very entertaining as well, the second part gives it a place in my top 20.

(p.pereira) #11

Whoooo! It’s a high rank!

(Dillinger) #12

Sounds promising. I should order the flick.


I am not very fond of SW that can’t decide if they want to be serious or not and this one here is no exception to that.

(Dillinger) #14

I think I have to judge myself… the DVD is quite cheap.

(Dillinger) #15

I just ordered it… :-\

(Hungry_bear) #16

Nice one!

(-; gracias

(Phil H) #17

Yes, this is an odd mix.
At the start I thought I was going to hate it. Comedy music, a stupid car chase, everything that turns me off in a western. But as the film goes on it changes mood completely and by the end is totally down beat. This makes for a better second half but something of a mess in total. I wasn’t even sure if we were going to get a roll and shoot. But of course we did.
Strange film really but not without its pleasures.

(sartana1968) #18

i loved alfredo mayo character

(YourPallbearer) #19

Same here but I do enjoy it when it starts off as a light romp and turns nasty as it trots along.
Which is why I’m a big fan of AND FOR A ROOF A SKYFUL OF STARS.

(sartana1968) #20

3,5 out of 5 for me