Sabata & Return of Sabata Soundtrack: GDM or Verita Note?

I was looking into CD releases for Sabata and Return of Sabata, but I wasn’t sure which release was better the one by GDM (GDM 2024) or the two by Verita Note (VQCD-10076 & VQCD-10077.) I’ve been told before that GDM was typically the best option when it came to soundtrack releases for Spaghetti Westerns, but I’ve also heard that Japanese releases tend to be good as well. While I’m uncertain about the actual quality of these releases I did notice that the Verita Note ones featured 21 tracks for Sabata and 18 for Return of Sabata while the GDM release only had 19 for Sabata and 10 for Return of Sabata.

I have the GDM release and have always been happy with it. And, to be honest, 10 tracks from Return of Sabata is plenty for me :wink:

The Japanese vinyl of Sabata is very nice but can go for about 80 US dollars even when buying within Japan. I own a Japanese 45 single of Sabata.

Well the obvious choice would be to go for neither and buy the newer release from Quartet Records containing the scores for all three Sabata movies instead:

I did come across that one while looking through the CD releases on discogs, but unfortunately it was limited to only 500 copies and it doesn’t look like anyone is currently selling them at the moment.

Sure. Availability is a bitch :slight_smile: All (almost) spaghetti western scores in the last many years are limited to 300-500 copies though so that will be a hurdle you’ll encounter a lot :slight_smile:

Good news, I think I found somewhere selling the Quartet Records release for the Sabata Trilogy soundtrack.

Speaking of Quartet Records, do you know if their CD release of Il Grande Duello (QRSCE042) and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (QR436) are superior to the Beat Records Company (CDCR 27) & GDM (CD CLUB 7001) releases? I know they have a lot more in terms of track quantity, but my main concern is the actual audio quality.

Sorry no. I always go by newer is better with these releases but an actual review I do not have. Haven’t gotten the GBU-score from Quartet Records at all actually. Mu collection of scores has been halted for a couple of years :slight_smile: