S.W. Wallpapaer

Here is a short collection of wallpaper I designed months back. I wanted to post these last week but i was unable to log into my account. Lost my E-mail service so i have created a new account. My old handle is: Kevin

Anyhow, Feel free to use any of the wallpaper.


My personal favorites are the Sabata and Spara Gringo Spara.

All images have been created using DVD inserts that i have either scanned in myself or located online.
I also included the Koch Media logo and other logos to the wallpaper to sort spice em up and make them somewhat more professional.

Hey, nice work! I am using your “Dollars” background right now!

That rocks :slight_smile:

That dollars image/collage was scanned in exactly how it looks. That’s from the (recent) German DVD release artwork. I love it.

DVD inserts come in handy eh?

Great screensavers kevinbellamy! So hard to choose which one to use…

You can tell I sort of rushed on a few. I.E. ‘Duck you sucker’ and ‘100 bullets’

That Spara Gringo Spara took friggin forever because i was having problems getting it just right.

‘Killer Kid’ wallapaper was influenced by the Sabata wallpapers. I looked and looked online for the perfect “Western” setting images to serve as a b/g. i’m not too thrilled with the results but awe hopefully these will be used.


This should load to exactly the same size as the others, it not save it to your deskstop and view it again

Excellent work!
I have been looking for wall papers like this.

Best regards


I’m looking for SW wallpaper at the moment and Kevinballamy’s site seems to be gone. Does anybody have any of his work they can send me? Thanks.