S.w. easter eggs

My final post.

I can’t find it mentioned anywhere on the Forum OR the Database, but I found this Easter Egg on the German Koch Media version of “A Pistol For Ringo”.

If you go to the ‘Extras’ Menu, move the arrow/icon to the top item on the list, which is ‘Featurette: “The Called Him Ringo”’, and then press the => button on your remote, the photo to the right of the screen is highlighted in red. Click select, and there’s a black and white clip of Maurizio Graf, I think it is, performing the theme tune to the film, “Angel Face”, shot in a studio.


[quote=“Scruffy101, post:1, topic:2200”]My final post.[/quote]?

Thanks for the easter egg tip, even though I think you are a wierd guy;)

Goodbye and all the best.

Thanks for the easter egg tip Scruffy, even though I don’t have the DVD!

Then again, I still don’t get why you decided to delete you account. Goodbye, hope you come back ;). You never know.