Run, Men! Eldorado Is Coming to Trinity / Scansati … a Trinità arriva Eldorado (Aristide Massaccesi, 1972)…_a_Trinit%C3%A0_arriva_Eldorado

Ok, I HATE comedy westerns but I’m thinking this may be the best one I saw… simply because of it was just weird. The story is the simplest story imaginable yet it somehow fills up about 80 minutes… someone trying to steal gold. The music was very atypical for the genre, but seems to work well with this one (even though a couple of tunes did suck.) Lots of gratuitous magic tricks, haha, but it was interesting to watch none-the-less. The cast and crew are the typical Fidani people… which I like and that helps the film a lot. Now, the stupidest thing was the “motorcycle” horse, that was just stupid. All in all, like I said, I’m thinking the is the best comedy western I’ve seen but I highly doubt anyone else would agree :smiley:

Yep alot of stupid and silly stuff in this one. The main guy reminds me of someone in the old U.K T.V series On The Buses with his very 70’s hairstyle. The magic tricks seem to go on for ever.

huh, one of the worst I’ve seen. I think the real director of the film was D’amato but there’s lots of recycled scenes from Fidani films. Craig Hill is hilarious as the villain though.

Oh, and the magic tricks… they go on and on and on…

I saw this a few days ago and can’t believe that the same Craig Hill from ‘Taste of killing’ or ‘I want him dead’,ride along the street on a horse with a handlebar :o
Well,sometimes its funny and i really enjoy the score

Surprised me aswell.

I dunno, I actually enjoyed it for the first hour… a few parts I was laughing at. Definitely very weird to see Hill in this role but I agree with cm215- the weirdness of the whole movie made me kind of like it. The last half hour really kind of dragged on though, as we finally get a good helping of guys riding horses. Psychedelic rock soundtrack is worth noting…

All in all, not nearly as bad as I feared and more enjoyable than the worse I’ve seen

I’ve read that D’Amato was the real director of this film, not Fidani… anyone know if that’s true?

D’Amato talks about this film in a documentary “Joe D’Amato Totally Uncut.” He mentions that the film was an idea by Diego Spataro, producer of many Fidani films. Spataro proposed to D’Amato that he could direct a film constructed around scenes from various Fidani films and that’s what he did.

I really like the soundtrack for this film. Anyone knows if it has ever been released? That weird folk rock song that plays during opening credits is great!

Do you happen to know which Fidani films were used for the scenes? I’ve seen a few Fidanis and did not recognize any scenes, although some seemed very familiar, like the shootout in the rocks towards the end

i was even thinking about redoing the dubbing for this one, as the one I have is pretty out of sync in several spots… mainly bothers me when it comes to gunshots and fight scenes. Also the volume levels are all over the place

one of the best parts was the video company intro for some company called “Arcadia Video” or something like that… straight VHS flashback, it was awesome

[quote=“autephex, post:8, topic:1667”]Do you happen to know which Fidani films were used for the scenes? I’ve seen a few Fidanis and did not recognize any scenes, although some seemed very familiar, like the shootout in the rocks towards the end[/quote]I think Lobo the Bastard is one, there’s this mexican party scene if I remember it right now.

Don’t believe I’ve seen Lobo the Bastard yet. Actually, I’m not sure that I have that one

Watchable little film (which is certainly more than I can say for several other comedic SWs), the cast is certainly agreeable. I do like Mitchell, Rosi and Giordano quite a bit, but Craig Hill’s Eldorado and his cult clearly stole the show, in fact I wish he would have been in a better film. At only 80 minutes the film actually would have benefited from a shorter running time, ten to fifteen minutes less I’d say. I agree that the music was pretty overall good (not to mention, different - love the opening theme). Favorite lines :

  • You can’t do this to a God!
  • I’m an atheist!

Also am I the only one who loves the poster? The perfect juxtaposition of two absolutely great reaction shots!

6 years before another post on this thread…you just know the film is in demand :grinning:

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I would like a DVD+R if anybody wants to trade.

You can probably find one on ebay :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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