RUN MAN RUN/KEOMA dvds......Which ones?

Hello Friends!!

As far as image/sound quality, which dvd overall is better for RUN MAN RUN…Blue Underground or Rainbow Set?

Sebastian compared the two dvds on this site, but when I had his review translated into English, I still had a hard time telling which one he liked better.

Again, I don’t care about the extras on the discs. I just care about the best image/sound quality. And that the film is UNCUT. Very important.

Same thing for KEOMA. Is the Blue Underground the best one to purchase?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.


Sebastian thinks that the Rainbow DVD has a better picture than the BU disc. Only the audio of the BU is maybe a tiny bit better.

Thanx Stanton!!!


Hello Friends!!

For best image/audio, and UNCUT, which dvd version is the best for KEOMA? There are no reviews on this site for this film on dvd.

I read some reviews online and it appears that the Blue Underground (US)/Kinowelt (German)/AWE (Scandinavian) are all supposed to be pretty good. Please help.

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I have the Scandinavian one and think it’s good.

I don’t know what region you are but if you are in the states than go for the BU. Its the cheapest, it comes with commentary and a Nero interview and it looks good.

Thanks guys!! I’m in Region 1. Think I’ll get the Blue Underground release. I found a comparison review over at They said BU image is slightly better than the Scandinavian version.