RUN MAN RUN/KEOMA dvds......Which ones?

(blonde66) #1

Hello Friends!!

As far as image/sound quality, which dvd overall is better for RUN MAN RUN…Blue Underground or Rainbow Set?

Sebastian compared the two dvds on this site, but when I had his review translated into English, I still had a hard time telling which one he liked better.

Again, I don’t care about the extras on the discs. I just care about the best image/sound quality. And that the film is UNCUT. Very important.

Same thing for KEOMA. Is the Blue Underground the best one to purchase?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanx.


(Stanton) #2

Sebastian thinks that the Rainbow DVD has a better picture than the BU disc. Only the audio of the BU is maybe a tiny bit better.

(blonde66) #3

Thanx Stanton!!!


(blonde66) #4

Hello Friends!!

For best image/audio, and UNCUT, which dvd version is the best for KEOMA? There are no reviews on this site for this film on dvd.

I read some reviews online and it appears that the Blue Underground (US)/Kinowelt (German)/AWE (Scandinavian) are all supposed to be pretty good. Please help.

Thank you,

(Silence) #5

I have the Scandinavian one and think it’s good.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #6

I don’t know what region you are but if you are in the states than go for the BU. Its the cheapest, it comes with commentary and a Nero interview and it looks good.

(blonde66) #7

Thanks guys!! I’m in Region 1. Think I’ll get the Blue Underground release. I found a comparison review over at They said BU image is slightly better than the Scandinavian version.


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