Roy Ward Baker RIP

British director Roy Ward Baker whose most famous for his work with Hammer films died on October 5th at the age of 93. Baker directed the Euro-western “The Singer Not the Song”. RIP.

That’s a shame as I do like alot of his Hammer work.

I can’t believe this has had no coverage in the UK.
That’s 2 days ago and I only just heard it here.
Roy Baker was a legend of British genre films and TV too for that matter. His death deserves to be a bigger story in the media here. A shame that someone who made such a contribution to the British film industry should be forgotten like this. Thankfully his films will last a long long time.
93 is a grand age but this is still a sad loss.

Going back some years this would have had more coverage I am sure. Let’s hope his work lives on…I am sure it will as Hammer has a huge fan base.

And perhaps I speak to soon. It appears that although he died 2 days ago it was only announced today so hopefully there will be some recognition in tomorrows press. There is already a nice little obituary on Hammer’s own website.

Haven’t seen any of his movies, but I’ve heard the name many times. R.I.P.

“A Night To Remember” is still the best of the “Titanic” films and “Quatermass & The Pit” is amongst the best of the Hammer films. r.i.p Roy Ward Baker.

I loved his work for Hammer and Amicus (Check Asylum with some great performances by Peter Cushing and Charlotte Rampling). His quality of work is up there with the late Terence Fisher for UK horror.

RIP Roy you will be missed.

RIP :’(.