Roy Colt & Winchester Jack (Mario Bava, 1970)

I just got this film on dvd from Image Entertainment, Its Widescreen, runs 86 minutes and is in italian language only but it has english subtitles.
The film is a comedy and even though it has its moments I would only give it 2 out of 5 stars.

Not what i expected either considering it comes from the great Mario Bava

Watched this one earlier today. It’s certainly not as bad as I had heard but it definitely has its problems. Brett Halsey didn’t do much for me in the lead role. He’s not bad, exactly, just kind of bland. Southwood, on the other hand, is (as usual) awesome, as is Marilù Tolo, sexy and scheming in her juicy role. The comedy works sometimes, falls apart at other times. It’s certainly a parody but its aim doesn’t seem very sure, as if Bava (usually one of the world’s best directors) was never truly comfortable with the material. All in all, interesting but not one of the better comedy SWs…

Yeah, not much more to say about this SW than what already was written above. It’s only a 2/5 film.
Half serious, half comedy, maybe a self parody. In the sum nothing of all. Some nice shots, some sloppy ones too.

Brett Halsey looks in his last western quite young again. More like Little Joe Cartwright than Django.

Marilu Tolo is the :stuck_out_tongue: reason to watch the film.
But check her being half naked in a sex scene with Charles Southwood. What’s there on her nipples? Yes, band-aid, and clearly visible in the middle of the frame. Unbelievable.

I’m still not very familiar with Bava’s work but I’m working on that. So here’s one I’ve checked recently.

I thought it would be worst but it has some hilarious moments (lots of silly and boring ones too…). As the Ministry character from “Diabolik” here it is a secondary character that still the show: the Reverend.

In some scenes some canyons were embebed in the landscape which looked very very bad, I’d avoid that kind of crap effects.

saw this last night and i would also agree not as bad as i thought. in fact i would say it’s the most enjoyable of Bava’s three SW’s. i’d also agree that Charles Southwood steals the show. as you are proberly aware i am not a fan of the comedy Spaghetti westerns but this one i don’t mind and it may be it caught me in the right mood but i found it entertaining. not a good film by any means but it’s ok.

one dead SW…

According to an interview, Bava actually wrote the comedy into a serious script and most of it was improvised. A pity, I felt that the serious scenes were the best in it.

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“Are you looking at me?”


Always liked Bava films, in my opinion he was a talented director, of course his runs in the genre were all nothing special if, we compare with his terror movies for instance.
Whit that said didn’t quite know what to expect from this one. Read the premises about it, and of course learn that it was suppose to be a “serious” SW Leone style, but Bava somewhree along the way must have thought that he didnt’ had both the money and the actors for that, so must have decided to change things into a comedy pretty fashionable stuff at the time, still some of the Leone stuff did remained, the Russian Reverend character (played very well by Teodoro Corrà) is inspired to say the least in Eli Wallach Tuco.

the main problem are both lead actors, neither one of the two is specially good for comedies, Brett Halsey was real out of his league (not that he ever plAyed the main league but…) and Southwood ALSO didn’t impress much in that aspect.

So a real turkey going nowhere, well not quite IMO, Bava is a talented director and that shows even in this low key productions, there are directors that struggled in several SW to keep their comedie well balance, Bava didn’t had any problem in that area, we know its a comedy, just a plein simple comedy, the scene where the guy shoots at the crutches is funny, and that’s just an exemple there are others.

So there’s no exaggerated drama no mix of dramatic emotions with jokes, meaning the narrative flow of the film is well balanced , there’s one or another point in the film where we can see Bava’s quality behind the camera.

Of course it still a pretty low key job, and Bava never reach at least Fulci level in SW, he was best known for being a director that spend little money in the films he directed (a producers dream), but maybe he should invested a bit more in this one, making a comedy of any kind with Halsey, is a lost cause.

Watchable if not for more at least for Marilu tolo she’s great and lovely and the best thing in the all film

Not a good film for sure but watchable which is more than can be said of many other comedy sw’s of the 70’s. Marilu Tolo is the best thing in the film and I kinda liked the crazy character of Reverend too. But I think that the most memorable thing of the film is the autumnal look with bright light, brown colors and dark shadows. Bava had an eye for the esthetics even if it looks like he didn’t know where he was going with the film otherwise.

My rating: 2/5

I don’t like the Italian dub very much. Does the English dub improve the film in any way? I found the voice on the Russian to be extremely irriating.

Was the Blu-ray cancelled?

The one from Kino Lorber? Was released 7 months ago it seems.

I can’t find it anywhere. Does it have the English dub?

Thanks. I couldn’t find it on UK Amazon, which I thought was strange.

Has anybody got the Brazilian DVD?

It’s an american release. Many of those you will not find on